Six Things I Learned in Six Months


outro -

To be honest, this is my way of suffering, but it is also my way of coping. Writing these blog entries is a perfect opportunity to become weak - to feel overwhelmed, a time to stifle emotional exposure. This is also the part in this blog entry where you, the reader, could think I am ungrateful, maybe even a little obnoxious.

Or maybe I am just someone in tune with the vibration of her emotions…

I could continue this blog until I had an 18 page draft about how everything changed in my life since being back in the states. This change would have nothing to do with a specific person or situation draped around me. It would simply be about the way I feel. It would entail the way my heart, mind and soul continuously grapples at information, trying to understand the transition between then and now. I could allow life to undertake my mind, shifting into monotonous routine with my individual perspective sunken into the back of my brain.


I could learn from every complexity of the past, recognize the reality of now,


And fucking thrive.

This is the completion of ‘The Six Things I Learned in Six Months’. Relaying the irrevocably detailed components within my mind for the past weeks has been one of the most educating, freeing and gratifying choices I made thus far in my life.

I thank life for creating balance: always gracing me with an upward journey to contrast my (many) downward spirals. I am very grateful to have found my calling in writing. I have many more plans with this complex brain I have, and I want to continue sharing moments with those willing to listen and absorb the textures and tones of my words.

I am just starting to unlock the magical entities life has hidden. I am learning the serene platform compassion and love sits upon holds more than just my feelings, but me as a whole. I am forever cradled and nourished as I continue to manifest as a human.


[wherever another destination, within another frame of continuum…]