Six Things I Learned in Six Months


everything happens for a reason.

As I begin to write this entry, my mind shifts back to the beginning of this blog. I truly am astounded by the steps this has been, a process in itself. The entries have grown with me and are proof of the journey within both my blog and heart.

Going abroad has brought so much love and joy into my life. This joy had brought upon changes to fulfill this feeling.

1st, I returned home and realized the challenge I thought I was facing in my studies was simply disinterest and lack of skill. I since then changed my major to Journalism after three years of studying Interior Design. If you are reading this, sorry mom… but not sorry. This has been one of the biggest changes in my life, yet I have not looked back since the initial conversation I had with myself. I always knew I was an artist, I just did not know which kind. I understand that nothing in life should be forced. Being happy is the number one focus, no matter what.
2nd, I found the balance in my life that I feared I would not find at home. I have not only continued my vegan journey, but have also found different outlets for peace. I now volunteer at a yoga studio and practice to remind myself where I am emotionally, mentally and physically.
3rd, I made new friends, reconnected with old friends and manage to stay connected with friends all across the globe. I recently received news that Johnny is studying at Sacramento State this upcoming fall. I not only am going to be finishing my degree, but will be doing so with one of my best friends by my side. It is amazing and comical the way life works. I find myself in dismay thinking about how everything always works out for the better, regardless of the journey beforehand.

Nonetheless, my time spent abroad seems like a dream. Sometimes it frustrates me that my mindfulness is not as vast as it seemed to be out there. Though I could never regret the decision of leaving the country, it is a burden to mentally recreate something that you may never experience again.

  • The above is why I started this blog, why I started writing. Feeling overwhelmed in a transitional state is why I started transferring every insane thought, detailed expression and word vomit I had to offer on a technological platform. 

This is how I heal.

Some moments may never settle with me. It may be because traveling forces you to be alone, raw and completely exposed, with nowhere to run to. You had to stay, you had to try. You had to dig deeper and shed skin a little rougher. You had to get on with life. There was a push out there, a push that sends you moving at invincible speeds that no matter how hard you try you could not comprehend the reason behind them. It was an invisible calling.

I am still trying to regulate with that feeling today.