Six Things I Learned in Six Months


time is an illusion.

Being in a different country creates a lively flow of energy in your life. Every moment you come in contact with seems as exciting as the next. It truly feels like you are seeing new entities for the first time. I was amazed by my surroundings in Australia. I found myself craving to explore every part of the culture and landscape I could in six months. In the midst of this mind-boggling experience, there was a counter-acting force that consisted of school, work, travelling and partying. I felt like I had so much to do in too short of time. I began to grapple at the idea that I could truly do anything I wanted to do within my given time frame. But what was stopping me? My idea of time. There was no time restraint holding me back from fully engaging in these activities. I was the restraint. The activities I chose to engage in were just me filling the space of time.

  • Yes, there were specific days I had class, and work lasted a certain amount of hours. I mean the in-between time. The time frame that we say is too small to do anything. The time we are too tired to live our days to the fullest. The forgotten ability of realizing you have so much more time than you ever thought, because time itself is an illusion constructed from your thought.

I was exhausted running around from class to sight-seeing to happy hour, etc., but I was also very alive. I did not have a list that needed to be fulfilled by the time I left because every morning was my list. Every morning gave me gratitude to be in this unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar surroundings, seemingly abstract and new each time I opened my eyes. I think this was the first time I was living my life in its entirety.

  • I think this is the downfall with morality. We know that there is a cycle to life: creation and death. But what about all that time in between the two? We assume by the pattern of others that we will live and last until we slowly decease to lighter colored hair, wrinkled skin and move at a slower pace. We forget that similarly to time, life span is also an illusion. No one created a declaration saying that each person will and have to live [this] many years. We as humans just assume that our lives will last that long. We forget that each morning, afternoon, and night is not part of a 24-hour-day, but physics and astronomy combined with oceanography, creating light and dark that we live our lives to parallel.

I came back to the states with a very different angle on what time represents in my life. For example, I stay in contact with people who are nineteen hours ahead of me in time. Most people would say that they are “living in the future,” while my friends in Australia are simply seeing the sun and moon from a different perspective than I am. Time was created to designate the scientific movement of planet earth around the sun, thus creating light and dark. We call this representation day and night. The idea of time as an illusion seems insane to some, but it is simply humans trying to confine nature’s pattern.

I have realized that there is much more to attain and obtain when living beyond the 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds in what we call a day. I am continually growing, struggling and creating in this world. The growth, struggle and creativity I experience does not come composed with a set time frame.

When is the last time you knew exactly when something was going to happen?

This is the illusion of time.

I do not live by the hands of time. I live by what comes my way. I live by how my body decides to move that day. I am not limited, because there is no limit. While cheesy and adolescent, maybe Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls was on to something when she said, “The limit does not exist.”