Six Things I Learned in Six Months


live your life.

As I immersed myself deeper in the Australian culture, I began to involve myself in things I previously considered taboo. These ‘things’ ranged in magnitude from impromptu decisions to significant changes in my life. Nonetheless, they all contained an aura of preconception, limiting my participation in them. Even as I became aware of this force, I would act with hesitation. I was fearful because I had been living under society’s standard of life instead of my own. Understanding this fear allowed me to find presence within my life. My mental and emotional traits have developed simplicity; simplicity which has helped me understand the mental process that forbid me from acting with true intention.

Who said you cannot do what you wish?


Who makes up society?


What do humans project on to one another?


And what is the cause behind these projected opinions?

Circumstances and situations within our own lives.

Who decided others may dictate what you do with your life, when life is a compilation of scenarios, actions, emotions, and events the individual – meaning you – has been exposed to throughout your existence?
  • When I left for Australia, I was tied to the idea (actually I was suffocated by the idea) that my life could only fit inside a box that society had created for me. I was living cautiously because there always seemed to be consequence towards any action not depicted as normal.

What even is normal?

Why can’t we be content with accepting things as they are?

  • I mean no judgments, no prejudiced biases, no need to find negative reasoning behind someone’s actions.

The moment I educated myself to realize the above were not thought processes, but mentally degrading conditions, I learned how to live for myself. I learned to not worry about what society has construed as unusual, uncool or simply wrong. I started making decisions based on my intuition, instead of the potential reaction to my intuitive decisions. In return, I was rewarded with clarity in both my mindset and my life. I was fully conscious of everything around me.

I was free.

However, this does not mean I shed all obligations life has asked of me. I behave with a clear sense of my actions, but I also have a clear sense of what these actions represent in my life. I live through an inner perspective instead of for an external opinion.

I am still striving for balance. While I am no longer worried about society’s assessment of my actions, I am aware of the effect my actions can have on someone or something else. I have realized that while I can be selfish within my own life, (and rightfully so), there are seven billion others in the world trying to do the same.