Six Things I Learned in Six Months

Inspired by my time spent in Sydney, Australia, the following entries were originally published on March 2016.  This blog is a compilation of moments, feelings and countless revelations I encountered while 9000 miles away from 'home.'


intro -

I am sitting in my room. It is a dreary day and also Friday, a contrasting combination for a typical 20-year-old college student awaiting the weekend. The combination of melancholy and relief cascade a sense of reality over me. For the last six weeks, the monotonous battle between accepting what I feel and conveying how I feel has instantaneously inspired me. As this feeling continues to surge through me, I begin to write. I begin to mentally regurgitate the roller-coaster I have been riding since January. I am ready to open up, not only to others, but to myself, about what transpired in the last half-a-year.


1of 6 -

I think the first, and definitely one of the most blatant things I learned abroad, is how ignorant I was as an American.



Think about it…


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The second lesson I learned abroad is to live your life exactly as you wish.

As I immersed myself deeper in the Australian culture, I began to involve myself in things I previously considered taboo. These ‘things’ ranged in magnitude from impromptu decisions to significant changes in my life. Nonetheless, they all contained an aura of preconception, limiting my participation in them...


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The third lesson I learned while abroad is that time is an illusion.

Being in a different country creates a lively flow of energy in your life. Every moment you come in contact with seems as exciting as the next. It truly feels like you are seeing new entities for the first time. I was amazed by my surroundings in Australia. I found myself craving to explore every part of the culture and landscape I could in six months.... 


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The fourth epiphany (as one may call it) during my six months abroad, was that we as humans should question everything. Everything I am able to speak about now is because of a shift in my mindset – or as I like to call it – enlightenment...


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My favorite and most significant realization. I learned that true friendship is attainable. I think everyone has encountered bad, unhealthy or fake friendships. Throughout my six months overseas I learned friendship is the most essential component of our social lives. Friendship grounds us as individuals, gives us compassion to be emotionally stable, and is a perspective of our true selves as humans...


6 of 6 -

My last and final lesson I learned while abroad is that everything happens for a reason.

As I begin to write this last entry, my mind shifts back to the beginning of this blog. I truly am astounded by the steps within creating this, a process in itself. The entries have grown with me and are proof of the journey within both my blog and heart.

Going abroad has brought so much love and joy into my life. This joy had brought upon changes to fulfill this feeling...


outro -

To be honest, this is my way of suffering, but it is also my way of coping. Writing these blog entries is a perfect opportunity to become weak - to feel overwhelmed, a time to stifle emotional exposure. This is also the part within these pages where you, the reader, could think I am ungrateful, maybe even a little obnoxious.

Or maybe I am just someone in tune with the vibration of her emotions…