Some feelings I had while traveling solo in Ocean Park Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I think everyone needs the opportunity to growth within themselves. The ability to seek something that routine cannot provide. Travel does something for the soul that cannot be paralleled by words. It’s an action and it’s personal. It’s witness to you as a human — and that’s it.

The way you consume a place, the personal connection to certain things, the magnitude in which worries seem to be at finger’s distance ~ perspective painting distance in such a way that truly is

Out of sight

Out of mind.

Being alone is not lonely, it is solitude. It encompasses your fears, doubts and anxieties and forces your through them, not around them. Being alone provides comfort for the space that is not obtained, but sought after. Being alone around others instills a connection and memory to the space, relishes in a invisible veil that only the beholder can interact with. Being alone is travel, the journey each human has through the course of life. Being alone is sameness.

Travel is in both you and me.

Travel is now.

Carly Quellman